Sushi Lovers Menorah




Chanukah is fresh and full of flavor with this fun Sushi Menorah! Featuring detailed craftsmanship that “looks like the real thing”, sushi lovers (and their friends!) can joyously celebrate Chanukah as a “Sushi Master” with this delectable Menorah.

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  • Hand-Painted Resin Detailed Sushi Rolls!
  • To clean wax from menorah: Pour hot water directly on the wax to loosen. Caution! Keep hands away from hot water! Do not soak menorah in water. To avoid damaging the menorah, do NOT try to remove wax by any other method.
1.11 lb
12.00″ l x 1.75″ w x 2.25″ h
13.00″ l x 2.30″ w x 3.85″ h
Color Box
0.34 lb
1.62 lb