Fine Wines Ceramic Menorah


Say “L’chaim” to Chanukah with this hand-painted Ceramic Menorah! A perfect Menorah for the wine connoisseur, this unique Menorah features gold accents and Holiday themed names. You’ll be celebrating with timeless bottles such as Maccabees & Merlot and other fine wines!

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  • To clean wax from menorah: Pour hot water directly on the wax to loosen. Caution! Keep hands away from hot water! Do not soak menorah in water. To avoid damaging the menorah, do NOT try to remove wax by any other method.
  • 11.50″ l x 2.25″ w x 5.75″ h
    12.50″ l x 2.50″ w x 6.50″ h
  • Hand-Painted Ceramic