Boxing Ball Set with Punching Ball with Stand and Gloves


This freestanding boxing ball set for kids comes with adjustable height, sturdy spring action, and durable pu leather punching mitts and bag. Perfect for training and fun! 🎯 easy assembly:fill the base with water or sand, inflate the punching bag, adjust the height, and strap on the gloves for an immediate start. ⚙️ adjustable height:the punching ball stand’s height can be adjusted from 27 in. To 41 in., accommodating children of different heights. 💫 spring-loaded design:the durable spring allows the punching ball to bounce back into place after each hit, making it safer than a swinging bag. Package dimensions:13.3*3.6*17.3inch Recommended age: ideal for kids aged 3 years and up. Material:crafted from tough pu leather for the punch bag and punching mitts, providing a safe and durable boxing training equipment for children.

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