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Judah Maccabot 2.0™ Chanukah Robot


Welcome Judah Maccabot 2.0 to your Chanukah celebration, and watch him become the life of the party! With his bright lights, he spins and dances to the popular songs of “I have a little Dreidel”, “Chanukah Oh Chanukah” and “Al Hanisim”. Featuring Smart Obstacle Navigation, Judah Maccabot avoids collisions and will keep friends and family dancing for the 8 days of Chanukah and all year round!

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  • The Chanukah Robot That Makes You Smile Plays Chanukah Music Bright Lights Nonstop Dancing Smart Obstacle Navigation *Performs best on hard surfaces Dances to the Chanukah Music: I have a little Dreidel, Chanukah Oh Chanukah, Al Hanisim