10 Piece Passover Seder Set Blue Hamsa Collection by Jessica Sporn


Luxurious Passover Seder Collection. A unique and timeless design by Jessica Sporn.
  • This unique set features;  7 piece Seder Plate (large plate with 6 dishes for the Passover symbols) Can also be used as a Judaic home decor for year-round without the small dishes. Matzah Plate for Square Matzah in the same matching design. Silk Matzah Cover (with 3 layers for the 3 Matzohs). Afikomen Bag.
  • PASSOVER SEDER SET- This Hamsa collection dish is vibrant and lively, the heartwarming Judaic theme will bring charm and good vibes to your Seder table
  • QUALITY EARTHENWARE – The dishes in this set are made of quality durable Porcelain which are both, beautiful and long-lasting. The detailed artwork is applied and baked at a high temperature.
  • DESIGN BY JESSICA SPORN – Jessica Sporn has been at the forefront of Judaic Art for close to 4 decades, This Seder Plate stands out as one of her finest pieces of collectible and functional Art.
Ceramic Seder Plate, 13″ Diameter
Ceramic Square Matzah Tray, 10.5″ Square
Silk Screened Matzah Cover (with 3 separate sections) 15″
Silk Screened Afikomen Bag 8.5″